Mobile Testing: Old Wine in a New Bottle?

Manish Mathuria, InfoStretch Corporation

In the enterprise, mobile adoption is increasing at a fast pace-and so are the concerns about security, reliability, and quality for the software that drives mobile devices. Some of the unique and unfamiliar challenges faced while testing mobile applications are usability, network connectivity, online/offline content, call interruptions, varying form factors, networks, and device providers. Manish Mathuria describes how mobile testing differs from testing traditional enterprise systems. He provides practical tips on how to quickly and smoothly transition from traditional software testing to mobile testing while striving to deliver the same level of quality. Manish explores the nascent mobile testing tools available today to test enterprise mobile applications that are quickly reaching the same complexity as their desktop counterparts. Leave with a toolkit full of tricks, best practices, tools recommendations, automation approaches, and resourcing models to maximize return on your mobile testing efforts.

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