Mobile Testing in the Cloud

Rachel Obstler, Keynote DeviceAnywhere

Today, organizations are rapidly deploying mobile versions of their customer-facing and internal applications. With the prevalence of more agile-based approaches and the challenge of an ever-increasing diversity of devices and OS versions, testers are being asked to accomplish more testing in less time. Rachel Obstler shares how leading enterprises are improving the efficiency of their mobile testing using automation, and how they identify the right processes and tools for the job. Sharing some fascinating statistics from their recent mobile quality survey of more than 69,000 mobile app developers and QA organizations in the top US enterprises, Rachel dives into the challenges identified in the survey and shares five clear ways to improve your testing process: implementing a collaborative agile process, optimizing with a development tool that naturally facilitates testing, using a combination of real and emulated devices—and when to use them, and more.

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