Mobile Test Automation: Lessons Learned in the Trenches

Manish Mathuria, InfoStretch Corporation

With mobile applications becoming more and more mission critical for the enterprise, testing teams are increasingly looking to automate the test cases for their mobile applications. However, with mobile testing still in its nascent stages, it is no surprise that organizations find the implementation of mobile test automation to be both time consuming and expensive, often negating any benefits of the efficiencies it should bring to the testing process. Manish Mathuria shares key lessons learned from implementing tools, technologies, and frameworks that help mobile testing teams take full advantage of test automation-without increases in cost or time. Manish presents real-life examples and cases studies using open source tools like Selenium and commercial tools like QTP, explaining how various organizations have benefited from mobile test automation. Learn the overall landscape of mobile test automation, classifications of automation tools, and how to select the right tool for your needs. For each class of tools, Manish describes typical gotchas and ways to maximize your ROI.

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