Mobile Apps: Breaking Down the Barriers

Todd DeCapua, Shunra

Mobile application development introduces additional complexity when compared to building traditional applications. In order to successfully develop and deploy mobile applications, it is essential to account for variability in networks, service providers, devices, operating systems, and browsers. Todd DeCapua shares practices for successfully navigating this complexity while preserving both speed-to-market and application performance. Outlining a new approach to the agile development-test-deploy cycle for mobile, Todd demonstrates how to integrate functional testing and performance engineering throughout the application lifecycle and establish a new level of cooperation among test, development, and operations. With Todd’s guidance, you will learn how to empower change in your organization and provide a strategic roadmap for your business to speed mobile application development while improving application quality and the end user experience. Using real-world examples from organizations that have broken down traditional barriers, Todd shares practical lessons that you can apply immediately to your development practices.

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