Mobile App Testing Secrets

Jason Arbon, Applause

Most app teams aim for 4 stars. Why not 5? Because delivering and maintaining a high-quality app becomes more challenging every day. The requirements of agile and continuous integration put more pressure than ever on testers and quality-focused developers. Add to that the raw complexity of device and platform fragmentation, new sensors, app store processes, star ratings and reviews, increased app competition, mobile automation frameworks that only half work, and users who expect the app to not just work flawlessly but also be intuitive and even beautiful and fun. Jason Arbon shares app testing secrets gleaned from thousands of testers on hundreds of the world’s most popular apps, and data analytics on millions of apps and hundreds of millions of reviews. Learn how the best teams manage their star ratings and app store reviews. Learn what has been tried and failed. Join Jason to get a glimpse of the future of app testing.

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