Mobile App Testing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Jon Hagar, Independent Consultant

Mobile app testing has lots of good practices, some not so useful (bad) concepts, and some really ugly, don’t-ever-do ones. In the tradition of James Whittaker’s How to Break Software books, Jon Hagar applies the testing “attack” concept to mobile app software. Jon starts by defining the big problems and challenges of testing mobile app software and examines the patterns of product failures that you must attack. He then shares a set of good, bad, and ugly test techniques, which testers and developers can direct against their software to find important bugs quickly. Looking at native, web-based, and hybrid apps, Jon explains the pros and cons of each technique with examples to further your understanding. Finally, he gives you takeaway information on tools, automation, and test attacks your can begin using immediately. Go beyond basic functionality verification and learn how to attack your mobile apps with the best techniques while avoiding the ugly ones.

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