Maslow's Hierarchy of Quality: Realigning Your Thinking

Anu Kak, PayPal, Inc.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a popular model that describes the stages of human psychological development. Anu Kak shares how Maslow's work can be applied to align the quality thinking of a software development organization through a “Hierarchy of Quality.” This builds a quality-centric culture and enhances the quality of products before they are released while quickly learning from mistakes. Anu describes a path beginning at the basic needs for high quality-test plans, defects, regression tests, etc.-and progresses to define what is needed to achieve high levels of sustainable customer satisfaction. Anu describes how “self actualization” in customer quality can be achieved through the process of moving up the hierarchy of needs while sustaining the lower tiers of the model. Learn the techniques to evangelize the adoption of the Hierarchy of Quality across all stakeholders, and how to analyze and navigate the quality thinking across the tiers of this quality model.

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