Manual Testers Can Thrive in a Test Automation World

Jeanne Schmidt

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As technology organizations seek to automate more testing, manual software testers may feel that they have little or no role in test automation. And QA managers struggle with how to engage their manual testers on automation projects. Jeanne Schmidt provides tips on how manual testers can become the testing guides for the whole team. They can assess tests are appropriate to automate, create comprehensive and safe test data, report automated test results, and lead the automation test process strategy. Jeanne offers practical guidelines on how testers can learn test automation strategies, and how to build valuable and maintainable automated test scripts. She details specifically how testers can add value not just by testing but also by helping teams improve the quality of their applications. Join Jeanne as she details a step-by-step process for new automation projects that testers can use for planning and tracking test automation.

About the Presenter

As principal consultant for the quality assurance practice at Rural Sourcing, Inc., Jeanne Schmidt leads a team of software testers who help customers deliver quality software and advise customers on test strategies. Rural Sourcing is the leader in domestic sourcing and a cost-effective, onshore alternative to the traditional model for IT outsourcing. With more than thirty years of experience working in software development, Jeanne has held the role of tester, QA manager, business systems analyst, product manager, and technical trainer. Previously Jeanne managed the PeopleTools QA team for PeopleSoft.

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