Machine Learning: Will It Take Over Testing

Paul Merrill

Machine learning (ML), a branch of artificial intelligence, is gaining widespread adoption and interest on software development projects. Paul Merrill says that ML isn't typical programming. Algorithms can be changed and checked for accuracy at runtime to “learn” from data. Some companies are already generating and executing test cases using machine learning algorithms. It is projected that significant areas of the labor force—16 percent in transportation and 9 percent of healthcare—could see job cuts in the next few years. So it's time to start thinking: Might testing be on that list? Join Paul Merrill to gain a basic understanding of the three types of machine learning: supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement. Discover where machine learning is being used and the scope of its impact. Learn how ML-driven tools are already replacing some testing activities. Paul shares expert insights gathered from leaders in the field of machine learning. Decide for yourself … will machine learning take over testing jobs?

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