Machine Learning Heralds the End of Selenium

Jason Arbon

Selenium has been the cure for free and low-cost browser testing for years, and—in the world of agile, mobile, DevOps, and browserless interfaces—it is showing its age. Comparing Selenium to what’s coming, Jason Arbon says that machine learning and data analytics will become the new standard for test automation. With Selenium, test engineers suffer from the pains of broken element identification; broken, buggy, and partially implemented mobiletest capabilities; exploding costs of building abstraction layers on their apps; brittle test code when the application under test changes; and absence of any context or test logic in the framework. Jason unwraps the work that several startups and projects initiated in the past twenty-four months are actively doing to fix these issues with new general-purpose, test frameworks that combine machine learning and data analytics. Join Jason to take a peek into the near future world when AI and ML will be your new, best testing friend.

About the Presenter

Jason Arbon is the CEO of, which is redefining how enterprises develop, test, and ship mobile apps with zero code and zero setup required. Google’s AI investment arm recently led an $11 million A round for Jason was formerly the director of engineering and product at, where he led product strategy to deliver crowdsourced testing via more than 250,000 community members and created the app store data analytics service. Jason previously held engineering leadership roles at Google and Microsoft and coauthored How Google Tests Software and App Quality: Secrets for Agile App Teams .

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