Load Testing the MSNBC 2002 Winter Olympics Web Site

Suzanne Wagstaff, KeyLabs

When the Canadian pairs figure skating controversy erupted during the 2002 Winter Olympics, TV viewers hit the MSNBC Web site with a fury. But the site was ready and responded without a hitch due to the carefully planned and executed load testing of the voting applications. The MSNBC site received four to five million visitors a day with sudden bursts of traffic due to breaking news. In this session, Suzanne Wagstaff reviews the process she used for planning and preparing to test the MSNBC site, revealing a performance test methodology that works for any scale Web site. Learn about hardware profiling and a process that identifies distributed and on-site risks, including software, hardware, and personnel, to ensure a successful application rollout.

  • A scalable methodology for performance testing
  • How to identify performance and load risks prior to testing
  • An example of a large, distributed testing project

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