Leverage Big Data and Analytics for Testing

Geoff Meyer

Sabermetrics turned the baseball world upside down by challenging decades-old measures of individual performance and their perceived linkage to team success. After cementing their legacy as the Lovable Losers for 108 years, the Chicago Cubs were able to leverage a data-driven approach to finally win a World Series. An Arkansas high school football coach, devoted to statistical analysis, has won three state championships—by never punting. Formula 1 racing teams collect staggering amounts of telemetry data from their race cars for the purpose of eking out seconds during the course of a race. Inspired by the sporting world’s adoption of analytics, Geoff Meyer shares how Dell leverages data from sources as varied as engineering, sales, and the factory to augment test operations. From the identification of high-value test cases and test configurations to determining which test scripts should be retired or re-factored, Geoff explains how you can take advantage of big data to optimize the planning, execution, and communication of your organization’s test efforts.

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