Leaping into the Cloud: Risks and Mitigation Strategies

Ken Johnston, Microsoft Corporation

The cloud has rapidly gone from “that thing I should know something about” to the “centerpiece of our five-year corporate IT strategy.” However, cloud computing is still in its infancy. The marketing materials ignore or gloss over the many risks present today in the cloud-data loss, security leaks, gaps in availability, migration costs, and more. Ken Johnston and Seth Eliot share new research on the successful migrations of corporate IT and web-based companies to the cloud. They lay out the risks to consider and explore the rewards the cloud has to offer when companies employ sound architecture and design approaches. Discover the foibles of poor architecture and design and how to mitigate these challenges through a novel Test Oriented Architecture (TOA) framework. Take back insights from industry leaders-Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix-that have jumped into the cloud so your organization does not slam to the ground when it takes the leap.

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