Lean Test Management: Reduce Waste in Planning, Automation, and Execution

Tariq King, Ultimate Software

Testing enterprise software requires effective resource management to prevent costly delays, budget overruns, and failed projects. In many software projects, more than 50 percent of development costs are attributed to software testing activities. With testing accounting for such a large portion of development efforts, it is critical for software engineering teams to avoid and eliminate wasteful testing tasks. Tariq King applies lean and agile principles to test management as a way of reducing waste in the testing process. Join Tariq as he describes an integrated approach for identifying and eliminating waste in test planning, automation, and execution. He demonstrates how to combine tools and techniques for test case management, exploratory testing, test automation, continuous integration, and impact analysis to keep testing activities lean and lightweight. Learn how to avoid common sources of waste such as over-documentation, redundant tests, brittle automation, and testing unimportant or unaffected parts of the system.

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