Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking in Agile Adoptions

Al Shalloway

When teams self-organize, they need an effective ecosystem that enables them to collaborate, communicate, and work effectively. Creating such an ecosystem is management’s responsibility. Lean thinking tells us to focus on these systems where people are operating. We can do because we trust our teams to be motivated and do their best. Lean thinking provides a holistic view for the work done in an organization, which is even more important when a company doesn’t already have an agile culture. In this case, management must consider that it’s easier for people to work their way into a new way of thinking than to think their way into a new way of working. Join Al Shalloway as he discusses the critical role that managers have in agile adoptions. The manager must understand the principles of flow and how they can make their people more effective by giving them the right environment within which to communicate, collaborate, and effectively get their work done. You will leave with an understanding of the responsibilities of management in agile, as well as why good systems are critical.

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