Jump Start Agile Testing with Acceptance Test Driven Development

Susan Brockley

Does your agile team struggle to find the right level of detail prior to beginning development? You may be suffering from “chunky” user stories—those that are too large or insufficiently defined to implement or test efficiently. Acceptance test driven development (ATDD) can help you quickly slice those user stories down to a testable size and provide the necessary detail for your developers to begin coding. Join Susan Brockley as she discusses the difference between agile user stories and traditional requirements, and why both are necessary for effective testing. Through real-world examples, Susan shows you how to apply ATDD to quickly define acceptance criteria that can be coded and tested without the heavy documentation typically associated with traditional requirements. She gives tips on when to use ATDD, its relationship to test driven development, how both can enable simultaneous testing by all team members, and how you can incorporate ATDD into your company’s agile practices.

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