It's a Phone First! How to Test Your Five-star Mobile Apps

Will Hurley, Will Hurley - Quality and Security Services

Mobile application development shares many similarities-and some stark differences-with traditional web-based development. To build, test, and deploy five-star mobile applications, your organization needs-from inception-a focused test strategy to drive quality. Employing the wrong approaches and tools can leave your business sponsors and clients wondering what went wrong. Will Hurley outlines the current mobile landscape and explains what can and cannot be controlled in the mobile lifecycle. He explores the current landscape and limitations on tools for testing mobile apps, and offers guidance on what-and what not to-automate. With Will's guidance, you’ll learn how to establish a mobile lifecycle test strategy that is both leading edge and practical. From high-level feature classifications that are meaningful to your business to low-level test types and approaches that practitioners need to know, Will shares the knowledge you need to release a five-star app.

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