Internet of Things and the Wisdom of Mobile

Steven Winter

The Internet of Things—what many are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution—is shaping up to be a game-changing marvel as great as the Internet itself. With more than 10 billion connected devices and thousands more coming online by the minute, we are undoubtedly more connected than ever before. From your dishwasher to your toothbrush to your dog’s collar, electronic devices everywhere are connected. This phenomenon is drastically increasing demands on APIs, data, security, and software quality, pushing every industry sector to step up its game to stay relevant in the new era of connectedness. Although IoT will make our lives simpler as Things talk to other Things and anticipate our needs, mobile apps and devices—our primary communication conduit—will continue to increase in relevance and reliance. Steven Winter shares his insights about the challenges of IoT from his experience building a quality program to support the Starbucks Card Mobile and more than 3,000 mobile apps servicing 1,500 banks and 35 million users. Steven focuses on how automated mobile testing and continuous improvement for mobile apps have forged inroads for the IoT and why software quality will grow in importance as a market differentiator.

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