Integration and Functional Testing Using Dockerized Dependencies

Irene Dhong

To emulate production-like conditions that cannot be tested on the unit level, many integration and functional tests need a realistic environment. However, performing these tests in a production-like environment is fraught with problems—test data management issues, tests that are difficult to execute repeatedly, and network traffic that causes long-running test execution times. Instead of having to deal with these problems and others, Irene Dhong employs Docker to simulate dependencies. Learn how you can take advantage of Dockerized dependencies for quick test writing, reusability of common development code, and the ability to test early and often on a very low functional level. Irene describes how her development team is using Docker to implement more effective TDD and unit testing environments because Docker utilizes similar infrastructure both on the development and DevOps side. Join in to get Dockerized, too.

About the Presenter

Irene Dhong has been a QA Engineer for over 6 years. She has experience as a build engineer and a system administrator. She's passionate about building frameworks and tools that maintain a high level of quality in lean, rapid development environments. She enjoys bringing quality to new challenges like machine learning, natural language processing, and complex microservice ecosystems. Irene loves to encourage community among women in technology and runs a women's leadership guest speaker series at Bazaarvoice.

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