Integrate Your Test Automation Tools for More Power

Mike Duskis

Walk the Expo, and you will see all kinds of test automation tools. Some run scripts. Some communicate with the system under test. Some virtualize system components. Some do interesting things that you may never have considered. Yet, none gives you a complete recipe for testing your product and synthesizing the results. That is not their job. It's yours. Mike Duskis says an effective test automation program will reflect the unique nuances of your product and your business. However, unique nuances need not add up to radically different architectures. In fact, effective automation programs share some essential components. Join Mike on a tour through this common anatomy—trigger, scaffold, script, fixture, connector, artifact manager, and reporter. Along the way, learn how these structure types manifest in specific real-world programs and how they work together to form extensible and maintainable systems which consistently produce useful test results.

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