Innovative Tools for Your Mobile Testing Toolkit

Eing Ong, Intuit, Inc.

Automating mobile testing faces challenges from a huge variety of devices, resolutions, user interactions, and operating systems. While there is no single solution in the market that can solve all your testing needs, Eing Ong has found a few innovative open source tools that stand out. Learn how Sikuli, ImageMagick, and MOET (Mobile End-to-end Testing) can address the limitations of instrumentation techniques and how you can leverage them individually or together to test your native mobile applications. Eing begins by demonstrating Sikuli's innovative visual technology for iPhone user behavior testing and MonkeyRunner for Android testing. Then she shows how you can use ImageMagick to crop and convert images as well as fine tune image comparisons for image verification. Learn how to apply MOET's "write once, run anywhere" design patterns to use only one IDE, one language, and one test execution tool to run the same set of tests on Android, iPhone, and other devices. Take back practical code samples to jump start your mobile testing.

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