An Innovative Test Automation Approach without Making Test Cases

Mehmet Duran

Does test automation need traditional test cases? Mehmet Duran says no. Using the open source tool TESTAR, he devised an innovative approach to automated testing. Join Mehmet as he shares the research he conducted to solve this challenge and how he confirmed his findings by comparing test approaches using a new framework with the quality attributes of learnability and usability. Mehmet will also describe he worked with Hatim Chahim of Prorail on a real-world railroad project to try out his theory. After applying the framework, results showed that within this setting, the test automation tool used was able to detect more faults and had higher functional test coverage than the manual test approach. Attend this session to learn more about this innovative approach and how it performed under real-world test conditions.

About the Presenter

Mehmet Duran is a Project Leader in Automation. He offers experienced-based QA and tooling service which improves the software quality within organizations. At a company in the railway sector he has implemented automation within a complex IT landscape. As a Project Leader Automation, he is focused on implementing innovative solutions around the QA. Mehmet also offers training, and consulting services helping clients evolve their business processes and make it more efficient.

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