Improving Your CMMI Organization through Lean and Agile Techniques

Paul McMahon, PEM Systems

The good news is that your organization has documented its processes and you've achieved a CMMI® rating. However, you are hearing complaints such as, "We need to increase our agility to respond more rapidly to customer needs" or "Why do our processes require work that adds little value to the product?" So, what can you do? Contrary to popular belief, the CMMI® and lean-agile techniques are not at odds-in fact, they complement each other. Paul McMahon explains how and why, and presents a wealth of proven techniques to improve your organization’s performance with lean-agile approaches and not jeopardize your CMMI® compliance. Learn specific agile and lean techniques that have helped others address the common process problems found in many organizations. Paul shares multiple case study experiences where his techniques have helped organizations achieve their performance goals within CMMI® guidelines. Use these techniques today to start improving your own organization's performance.

® CMMI is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University

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