Improve Testing with a Zone Defense

Pamela Gillaspie, TestPlant

At one time or another, every tester hears the dreaded question, “Why didn’t you guys catch these bugs?” We all have some standard responses, and they are most likely true). But what can we learn about our testing when we look beyond the easy answers? Pamela Gillaspie proposes that the key to improving your testing is determining the areas where bugs are slipping past your defenses. For her team, the practice is a lot like basketball. If you group the bugs into zones, you can devise a strategy to cover those zones more effectively. Some zones need a different testing approach than you’ve used; others might reveal a need for closer communication. Join Pamela as she shares her experience as defensive coordinator, addressing the developers’ playbook (What kinds of recurring problems do we see?), trick plays (The user is doing what?), and penalties (That wasn’t in the requirements!).

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