Improve Security through Continuous Testing

Jeremy Faircloth, Raytheon

Many companies develop strong software development practices that include ongoing testing throughout the development lifecycle. But they fail to account for the testing of security-related issues. This leads to security controls being tacked on to an application just before it goes to production. With security controls implemented in this manner, more security vulnerabilities are uncovered but there is less time to correct them. As more applications move to cloud-based architectures, this will become an even greater problem as some of the protection enjoyed by applications hosted on-site no longer exists. Jeremy Faircloth discusses a better approach—ensuring that testing throughout the development lifecycle includes the appropriate focus on security controls. Jeremy illustrates this through the establishment of security-related use cases, static code analysis, dynamic analysis, fuzzing, availability testing, and other techniques. Save yourself from last minute security issues by proactively testing the security of your application!

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