I Don’t Want to Talk about Bugs: Let’s Change the Conversation

Janet Gregory

It’s time to change the conversation about testing and quality―from bugs and poor requirements to products and solutions. Instead, Janet Gregory says testers and managers working in agile organizations need to learn more about the business, the market, and the customers. With that knowledge, we have the information necessary to identify key problems and formulate solutions that reduce uncertainty and increase product value. Janet challenges testers and test managers to lead the way to change how organizations talk about quality. She explores ways to measure value and focus on the positive rather than a more negative cost-of-quality perspective. In an agile organization testing is not a job or a phase or a department; testing is a crosscutting concern and a skill which is vital to every contributor on a project and to a product. Join Janet to learn ways to rethink your priorities and ways to optimize your test practices.

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