Helpful Practices in Agile Testing

Jeroen Mengerink

“Testing” in an agile environment is much different from classic testing on waterfall projects. Testers must be involved in all aspects of software development. Jeroen Mengerink shows you how professional testers can become key contributors in agile projects. First, he explains how to pair with and help the members of your agile team by identifying the test skills each of them needs to learn for the team to create a better quality product. Because agile development starts with user stories, there is an increased importance of end-to-end testing. Jeroen shows how to use mind mapping to provide insight into how to test an end-to-end flow. Performing risk analysis allows you to start testing as soon as the code becomes available. Finally, he discusses ways to monitor your testing to make sure you have a lean test strategy that reduces rework and waste. Welcome the changes that agile provides, but don’t forget the lessons and experiences from your past.

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