Guiding Your Personal Life: "Plan-driven" or "Agile"

Linda Rising, Independent Consultant

Some interpreters of history believe that the Industrial Age could not have happened without coffee and tea. That daily jolt of caffeine enabled workers to be more in control of their waking hours-not to mention killing the nasties in the drinking water. While the Industrial Age was all about staying awake and working long hours, cognitive psychologists tell us that working short cycles with frequent breaks is not only healthier but also more productive for knowledge workers. Linda Rising describes the costs of force fitting Industrial Age-read “plan-driven”- living into our now knowledge-based-read “agile”-world. Although choices at the personal level are best made by individuals, Linda offers specific suggestions for working in short cycles and the proper place for caffeine, naps, short breaks, and sleep. We have seen the benefits of agile processes in our organizations. Now it's time for a truly agile personal approach for living and working.

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