GUI Testing for Multi-language Applications

Marco Torres, Citrix Systems Japan R&D

An analysis of defect reports on several multi-language projects demonstrated that, for localization, almost 80% of the bugs were cosmetic issues. Because of this tendency, GUI tests are always an important part of the localization testing process. However, manual GUI testing is time consuming, labor intensive, and therefore expensive. For testers, it is boring, tedious, and error prone. An automated test suite is the most efficient method to automate detection of these defects, especially for multi-language applications. Marco Torres demonstrates how to simultaneously verify the quality of the GUI in all the languages supported by an application. Using real-world examples, he shows you how to create automated tests for multi-language environments. Join Marco and learn how to write test scripts that consider future language additions. Take away the key development rules and test practices that Citrix uses for developing internationalized and localized products.

  • Testing the quality of the user interface in multi-language applications
  • Platform, site, and language-independent test automation
  • A data-driven automation process for localization testing

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