Globalization Testing for Cloud Products

Vincent Truong

Every year, VMware has hundreds of releases for its virtualization products that cover data centers, networking, storage, cloud management, and digital workspace. Testing many different products while adapting to their development lifecycle introduces some special challenges for the product globalization team. Vincent Truong describes the processes and testing techniques a large-size software company needs to correctly support the globalization of its products. Vincent examines the agile process of globalization—internationalization and localization—testing and how the test coverage has changed for cloud management products. He will cover each phase of the development lifecycle and testing concepts such as persona-based testing, UI mockups, code scanning, selection of a development framework, automation for UI/API/integration tests, manual internationalization and localization testing, the VMware Globalization Agile Scorecard, dashboard, and the defect heatmap. These testing techniques and processes are generally applicable to any type of product development.

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