The Give and Take of Design Criticism

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Wirfs-Brock Associates

Have you ever engaged in a design discussion where people didn't play fair? Do you have trouble giving advice that sticks or accepting criticism of your own work? Do you know when you should take up an argument and when is it better to let things slide? Every software engineer needs skills at giving, absorbing, and reacting appropriately to criticism. We should know when to pick our battles and how to spot and counteract faulty reasoning. We should be able to give advice so that others get it, and if they don't, determine why. Join Rebecca Wirfs-Brock to explore how design teams can engage in more effective conversations while eliciting and exchanging constructive criticism. Rebecca surveys the biases that underlie reactions people commonly have to new information and how to overcome those biases. Practice techniques for organizing and presenting constructive criticism as you learn to recognize different types of criticism and the appropriate responses.

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