Git and GitHub for Testers

Wilson Mar

GitHub is the repository for the vast majority of today’s open-source software. And that is why many interviewers look at applicants’ public accounts to assess their interests, popularity, helpfulness, and consistency. To collaborate with developers, today’s testers need git and a GitHub account. Unfortunately, esoteric command lines often confuse those new to the tool. Join Wilson Mar as he provides advice on how to be immediately productive. He begins with a review of top projects testers need to know; the etiquette to starting projects and following people; pull requests; and raising issues. Wilson includes demonstrations on mastering git, with tricks to markup text that gets converted into web pages, adding graphics to markup, creating branches, and merging branches. Based on his work on several projects on GitHub, Wilson provides keys to understanding the logic of different deployment workflows and explains even the most confusing words and concepts.

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