Getting to WOW! Gathering User Feedback for Better Designs

Scott Plewes, Macadamian Technologies

Today's users are savvier than ever-you can't hide poor design behind fancy features. A good user experience isn't optional anymore-it's mandatory. But if you ask four users how to improve a product, you'll get four different answers, and you'll be lucky if one of those is helpful. When designing the user experience of your products, the challenge is to understand the difference between how customers say they will use a product and how they will actually use it. To accomplish this, we must research our users and gather information. Scott Plewes shares useful techniques for collecting user feedback, including field research, interviews, focus groups, and usability testing, and explains how to get the most from them. Great research isn’t about pie charts, graphs, and massive reports. It's about discovering those few key aspects of your users' needs and behaviors that will differentiate your product from your competitors. Learn how to use these techniques, discover useful information, and use it to your competitive advantage.

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