Getting Started with Static Analysis

Paul Anderson, GrammaTech, Inc.

Static analysis is a technique for finding defects in code without executing it. Static analysis tools are easy to use because no test cases or manual code reviews are needed. Static analysis technology has advanced significantly in the past few years. Although the use of this technique is increasing, many misconceptions still exist about the capabilities of advanced static analysis tools. Paul Anderson describes the latest breed of static analysis tools, explains how they work, and clarifies their strengths and limitations. He demystifies static analysis jargon-terms such as object-sensitive, context-sensitive, and others. Paul describes how best to use static analysis tools in the software life cycle and how these can make traditional testing activities more effective. Paul presents data from real case studies to demonstrate the usage and effectiveness of these tools in practice. Gain a better understanding of this powerful technology so you can decide when and how to apply it.

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