Getting Ready for Your First Iteration - Cancelled

David Hussman, DevJam

Many agilists take little time to prepare for the first planning session of their first iteration on a new project. They dive right into the "work" and, sometimes, ultimately deliver software that lacks much value. Some newly formed teams believe that collocation breeds instant success and altogether ignore early planning. While sitting together always helps, it does not mean that people spontaneously collaborate to create sustainable value. Before holding the first planning session, a bit of preproduction work helps communities learn about each other, the value they will deliver, and their newly forming ecosystem. Pragmatic preproduction does not need to imply empty ceremony or Big Design Up Front (BDUF). David Hussman shares practical ideas for mining value, connecting communities, and creating productive working environments. If you are forming or leading one or more agile project communities, you'll leave with ready-to-use tools for selecting agile practices, bonding teams, building rich user-centered product backlogs, and more.

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