Get Testers Out of the QA Business

Michael Bolton, DevelopSense

Why is the testing department often misnamed "Quality Assurance?" We testers usually aren't allowed to control the scope of the product or change the source code. We don't have authority over budgets, staffing, schedules, customer relationships, market placement, or development models. So how, exactly, can we testers assure quality? We can't. Quality assurance is in the hands of those with authority over it-the programmers who write the code and the managers who run the project. We're extensions of their senses-extra professional eyes, ears, fingertips, noses, and taste buds. Join Michael Bolton and learn why and how to focus your testing energy on exploring, discovering, investigating, and learning about the product. Then, you'll be empowered to provide management with information they need to make informed technical and business decisions. Michael explains why you should not become a process enforcer who tries to "own" quality. Instead, you should add value to the whole team, offering service-not obstacles-to help the project succeed. Find out how to think critically and prevent programmers and managers from being fooled-and start by not fooling yourself.

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