The Gentle Art of Pair Programming

Wendy Friedlander, Oxygen Media

Based on their experiences as software developers and the pair programming practices they use at Oxygen Media, Wendy Friedlander and Oksana Udovitska describe the principles of pair programming, explain why it is a worthwhile practice, and show you how to get started. They share ways to take full advantage of pairing and how to cope with its challenges. For those new to pair programming, this class serves as a good introduction and includes concrete first steps for getting into a new way of programming. For those already working in a pairing environment, Wendy and Oksana include some novel viewpoints and interesting discussions on familiar topics. Additionally, everyone will benefit from the interactive and fun games for improving and enhancing communication skills. Being women in a male-dominated profession gives Wendy and Oksana unique perspectives and insights into pairing which they are eager to share.

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