The Future of Mobile Testing: Hybrid Code, Business Intelligence, and Device Farms

Ardy Signey

All organizations doing mobile development have critical decisions in common—selecting which devices to support and how to test their products across the growing range of devices. With the segregation of device brands, organizations are forced to support at least three code bases (Apple, Android, and Windows). This makes it three times more challenging for testing organizations to keep up with the minimum required testing efforts for their products. Ardy Signey says that test leadership has to look beyond conventional testing strategies and become more innovative. Companies that already have a customer base using their mobile applications can rely on solutions like Google analytics or HPE analyzer to help them narrow the scope of devices. It’s much more difficult for organizations just starting mobile development to determine what devices their target markets will use and how customers will use their applications. These organizations require more innovative solutions including hybrid code, business intelligence, and mobile device farms. Ardy helps you become more effective in planning a mobile test strategy for the future.

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