Fun with Regulated Testing

John McConda, Mobius Test Labs

Does your test process need to pass regulatory audits (FDA, SOX, ISO, etc.)? Do you find that an endless queue of documentation and maintenance is choking your ability to do actual testing? Is your team losing good testers due to boredom? With the right methods and attitude, you can do interesting and valuable testing while passing a process audit with flying colors. It may be easier than you think to incorporate exploratory techniques, test automation, test management tools, and iterative test design into your regulated process. You'll be able to find better bugs more quickly and keep those pesky auditors happy at the same time. John McConda shares how he uses exploratory testing with screen recording tools to produce the objective evidence auditors crave. He explains how to optimize your test management tools to preserve and confidently present accountability and traceability data. Learn to negotiate which test activities are auditable and create tests with an iterative test design approach that quickly adapts to change and makes auditors smile.

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