Focusing Test Efforts with System Usage Patterns

Dan Craig, Coveros, Inc.

Faced with the reality of tight deadlines and limited resources, many software delivery teams turn to risk-based test planning to ensure that the most critical components of the software are production ready. Although this strategy can prove effective, it is only as good as your underlying risk analysis. Unfortunately, understanding where risk lies within a product is difficult with the analysis often resulting in little more than an “educated guess.” These risk-based testing exercises can lead to uneven test coverage and the uneasy feeling that the team has neglected to test what is really important. Dan Craig describes how to employ system usage patterns and production defect reports to identify the real risks in a system. Walk with Dan as he creates a risk-based test plan, explores which production usage patterns provide the most value, and describes how his teams leveraged agile practices to quickly account for unexpected gaps in test coverage.

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