Five Things We’ve Learned from 100,000 Bug Fixes

Kristel Kruustük

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Since co-founding Testlio four years ago, Kristel Kruustük and her team of testers worldwide have worked with QA leaders and engineers at some of the world’s most innovative companies, including Lyft, Salesforce,, and Microsoft. During that time testers working with her testing-as-a-service company have identified 100,000 bugs and counting. Along the way, Kristel has learned there are five key traits and skills that make testers and test leaders great. In this eye-opening session, she talks about the tester’s mindset—curious, open, tenacious, and more—and how you can enhance your natural abilities to become a top tester. Then, Kristel shares ways that test leaders achieve higher testing quality without sacrificing speed and how they, appropriately, tradeoff manual and automated testing. Learn how her customers focus on operational usage data to develop test strategies and how they prioritize bugs and missing features. Leave with key tips to achieve higher quality software, faster—and enhance your testing career along the way.

About the Presenter

Kristel Kruustük was originally a QA manager and is now Testlio’s CEO. Recognized as “one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the Baltics,” Kristel Kruustük was just twenty three when she quit her job as a QA tester and started down the path to founding one of Estonia’s fastest growing startups in history. Profitable from the get-go, Testlio picked up steam with customers like Microsoft, Lyft, Salesforce, CBS Interactive, Flipboard, Strava, and Last year they announced their $6.25M Series A and expanded their position in the $943 billion IT services market. Most impressive for a tech company, more than 50 percent of its employees are women and minorities.

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