Five Test Automation Fallacies that Will Make You Sick

Douglas Hoffman, Software Quality Methods, LLC.

Five common fallacies about test automation can leave even the most experienced test and development teams severely ill. If allowed to go unchallenged, these beliefs will almost guarantee the death of an automation effort. The five fallacies are: (1) Automated tests find many bugs-they don't. (2) Manual tests make good automated tests-they don't. (3) You know what the expected results are-often you don't. (4) Checking actual against expected is simple-it isn't. (5) More automated regression tests are always better-they aren't. Join Doug Hoffman to explore these fallacies-why we believe them, how to avoid them, and what to do now if you've based your automation efforts on them. Take back a set of antidotes to each of these fallacies and build a successful test automation framework or repair the sick one you are living with now.

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