Exploratory Testing: The Next Generation

David Elizondo, Microsoft Corporation

Exploratory testing is sometimes associated with "ad hoc" testing, randomly navigating through an application. However, emerging exploratory techniques are anything but ad hoc. David Gorena Elizondo describes new approaches to exploratory testing that are highly effective, very efficient, and supported by automation. David describes the information testers need for exploration, explains how to gather that information, and shows you how to use it to find more bugs and find them faster. He demonstrates a faster and directed (not accidental) exploratory bug finding methodology and compares it to more commonly used approaches. Learn how test history and prior test cases guide exploratory testers; how to use data types, value ranges, and other code summary information to populate test cases; how to optimize record and playback tools during exploratory testing; and how exploratory testing can impact churn, coverage, and other metrics.

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