Experience-driven Test Automation

Mark Fewster, Grove Consultants

Is this presentation yet another "approach: to test automation? No, it isn't. Instead, Mark Fewster shares his and others’ experiences with test automation so you can capitalize on good ideas and avoid useless ones. In their new book, Experiences of Test Automation, Mark Fewster and Dorothy Graham describe twenty-eight case histories of test automation across a rich variety of application domains, environments, and organizations. Mark highlights the common themes that span both management and technical issues-the influence managers have over test automation success and failure, the importance of keeping management informed and involved, and the need to match the investment level with the desired automation objectives. He highlights technical issues such as attending to testware architecture early, encouraging reuse to reduce maintenance costs, and scripting quality. By studying the experience of others, you can implement test automation with a deeper understanding of the important issues, mitigate its risks, and capitalize on your opportunities.

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