Essential Software Quality Planning

Tony Raymond, New Harbor Technical Management

An old-yet still true-saying is "You can't test quality into a software product." By planning for the quality expected in your software, your team and management will focus on the big picture-integrating development methods, the test processes, and the customer and product requirements within the framework of a quality assurance perspective. Starting with the key element of quality planning and its benefits, Tony Raymond explains how to derive quality objectives from requirements using a "just enough" balanced approach. He introduces methods to confirm that the development lifecycle processes are consistent with quality objectives and discusses the relationship of the quality plan to the test plan. Take back examples of quality planning and test planning templates to use in your next project.

  • How to define "just enough" quality objectives
  • Validate development process objectives, methods, controls, tools, and standards
  • Tie together the development lifecycle, test process, and requirements

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