The Era of Intelligent Testing

Dan Belcher

Existing QA solutions were built for a world where software changed infrequently. Highly adopted tools such as Selenium, Appium, and JUnit require a specialized skill set and too much maintenance, once you start factoring in the brittle nature of tests and the infrastructure required to run tests at scale. But there is still hope for QA in machine intelligence. Next-generation AI tools are here to help QA keep up with the agility of modern software delivery practices in two ways: by enabling manual testers who don't know how to code to automate, and by easily automating repetitive tasks so that development teams can ship software faster while QA teams increase test coverage. Join Dan Belcher to learn exactly what AI strategies are being employed to make this possible, and what intelligent testing looks like for the future of QA.

About the Presenter

Dan Belcher is a co-founder at mabl, a venture-backed startup that is using AI to make end-to-end testing easier. Prior to mabl, Dan was the Lead Product Manager for monitoring and logging at Google, which he joined through its acquisition of Stackdriver, a company which he also-co-founded. He spent his early career working on infrastructure and ops tools at Microsoft and VMware. Dan combines his technical experience with a broad and continuously-updated view of the market to guide his product development teams. In his free time, Dan enjoys golf and concocting new cocktails for his friends and family to enjoy.

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