End-to-End Test Automation of ERP Software: A Case Study

David Dang, Zenergy Technologies

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages, which have become a mainstay in many businesses, increase in complexity with each release. Most testers are turning to automation to ease the burdens of testing these packages. Although end-to-end automation better tests the ERP systems by emulating real-world use and business process flows, creating a proper end-to-end automation framework can be a daunting, complex task. Join test automation experts David Dang and Dave Satterlee for an in-depth look at automation for ERP as they share a case study of SAP at a major manufacturing company. David and Dave discuss the benefits and objectives of end-to-end ERP test automation as well as the challenges and solutions of ideal automation frameworks, test data strategy, and integration issues. Learn the information necessary to build an end-to-end ERP automation suite, the technical and non-technical challenges most organizations encounter, and the skills you’ll need to implement these tests.

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