End-To-End Test Automation for Complex Systems

Thomas Thunell, Ericsson AB

As a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment, Ericsson knows that test automation is a key factor for driving a successful test organization. Thomas Thunell describes their automation solution-test system for complex, end-to-end environments. Ericsson's networks typically consist of mobile terminals, base stations, radio network controllers, switching systems, protocol analyzers, and possibly other components. Thomas discusses the lessons Ericsson has learned-obtain management commitment up front, use dedicated automation teams, and take the long-term view in automation work. When it came to planning, establishing guidelines, and getting the right people on board, Ericsson treated test automation exactly the same as any other software development project. In so doing, they built-and depend on-a rock-solid, easy-to-use, reliable test automation framework. Future plans include automated post-processing of test logs and delivering test automation metrics directly from the system. Find out how Ericsson is doing test automation to see how you can follow their path.

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