Effective Test Automation in DevOps

Lee Barnes

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The ultimate objective of a DevOps approach is to deliver quality products to your customers as efficiently as possible. DevOps shops that achieved this state point to continuous testing as a key contributor to their success. However, QA and testing have become forgotten along the DevOps journey of many organizations. For groups that have incorporated testing, many have a release cadence that resembles something more like waterfall. The culprit is often the inability to incorporate stable automation into their testing practices. Lee Barnes will discuss how organizations can address these issues and move toward continuous testing within their DevOps practices. Specifically, the discussion will touch on key practices and methods for implementing test automation in a DevOps pipeline, including test suite and test scope, automation approaches and methods, and test environment and data management. You'll get practical guides and techniques that will help you avoid common DevOps test automation traps and implement effective automated testing in your pipeline.

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