Don't Whine - Build Your Own Test Tools

Clay Bailey, IBM

The highly customized hardware-software system making up the new flight operations system for the world's largest airline did not lend itself to off-the-shelf tools for test automation. With a convergence of on-demand, highly available technologies and the requirement to make the new system compatible with hundreds of legacy applications, the test team was forced to build their own test software. Written in Java, these tools have helped increase test coverage and improved the efficiency of the test team. One tool compares the thirty-one year old legacy system with its new equivalent for undocumented differences. Clay Bailey will demonstrate these tools, including one that implements predictive randomization methods and another that decodes and manipulates hexadecimal bit string representations.

  • Custom test tools for a unique systems environment
  • Innovative ways to develop and use Java for writing test tools
  • A novel way to manage ongoing change in regression test suites

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